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Hello Lady Friends who are attracted to Ladies:



Recently yilduza has requested a tag which could be shared for all women who are attracted to other women, be they lesbians, bisexual, pan, etc - one that is shared and not already in use (e.g. #biphobia #sapphobia, #lesbophobia, etc). A tag for shared experiences which promotes solidarity and is open for all ladies interested in ladies (regardless of whether or not they have other attractions or are only interested in women.) this would absolutely be transwomen inclusive. 

this tag would be rather simply named with a fun latin combo:

di for two and femina for women 


I think that covers it. 

hi guys, i’ll probably be reblogging this an obnoxious amount but i’d really appreciate reblogs so we can get this tag out there!


Constance Week Day 5- Favourite Headcanon

Constance and Fleur

After her husband’s accident, Constance finds her life diminishing back into dullness once more. It is only through Fleur that Constance can see the bright side again. Her dear friend has achieved all she ever wanted- bright and intelligent, Fleur’s education and quick wit is improving every day. Constance can ask for no better company, nor would she wish it, from the girl who has proved a better friend than any could hope, keeping her occupied, her mind from straying, bringing her hope once more. With Fleur’s help, Constance can start to smile once more…

I need you to be my wings.

Whatever you need, Mistress.




usketeers ewatch: 58/??

You were right. I was jealous of Milady. Of course you had to take her money, it’s just… Oh, she’s so beautiful, and glamorous, and wealthy. And I’m just… I’m just… me.


suddenly i want a happy fic where constance’s arranged marriage is to d’artagnan and they realize that they’re actually falling in love instead of being spouses in name only, the way constance and bonacieux are. while constance is hearing tales of boredom and melancholy from her married friends, constance is falling in love with d’artagnan, who showers her with compliments and gifts at every chance. he finds a commission in the musketeers and, far from being an anxious housewife waiting for him to return, constance demands that he teach her how to shoot and fight. they live happily as wife and husband in paris for years and years :)

I admire and respect you, I love you

Closer than sisters.


constance appreciation week :: day one :: favourite scene/line


constance appreciation week :: day one :: favourite scene/line


Constance Bonacieux Appreciation Week 
» Day Three: Favourite Relationship (Romantic or not)

Fleur and Constance, A Rebellious Woman (1x07)


Resurrected Allison + “Blinding”

She woke up on the cold steps of a French monastery gasping for breath and told the two strangers clutching her for dear life that she didn’t remember anything.

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afigureofspeech replied to your photo “*breathes heavily* WEREWOLF AU NATURALLY YOU’D THINK TO TAKE IT TO A…”

OMFG i went to a completely different place in my head, less a struggle for power and more Clarke just starts relying a lot on Bellamy, but omg I love the idea of them meeting as wolves and humans and Clarke has NO IDEA but Bellamy assumes she does

i cannot believe that this type of werewolf shenanigans is not a bigger presence in fandom i mean come on

like maybe clarke goes out for runs by herself at night or something, and she runs into this other wolf whom she doesn’t know, but they wolf-flirt and play and run around together, and she brushes it off thinking it’s just a normal wolf, not a human in wolf form like her (and this is why she doesn’t tell anybody because she thinks it’s a little weird, like having a crush on an actual wolf. like. that’s odd. even for a werewolf. right?) 

but then bellamy and his sister show up, and they seem oddly insistent on joining clarke’s group (she hesitates to call it a “pack” because she knows how most werewolf packs operate *cough* jaha and her mother’s *cough* and that’s really not how she does things—she doesn’t even let them call her the alpha, because she hates those terms and the whole concept anyway) and bellamy just sort of starts…appearing everywhere, and naturally taking over duties that have always been her responsibility (like, she’d get mad, but it’s only the stuff she’s lousy at and hates doing anyway, and it’s not like he’s not good at it) and everybody kind of just silently accepts him as a co-leader without much discussion at all and starts assuming that they’re partners and hello?? what the hell, are we not going to even talk about this??

and he gives her such weirded out looks whenever she asks about it, she’s starting to think she might be the crazy one, like maybe they did talk about it and she doesn’t remember?? does she have amnesia?? is she losing time?? did they get married and nobody thought to tell her??

and meanwhile poor bellamy is stressed as fuck because the signals she’s sending are so mixed she’s got to be fucking with him. does she have some weird complex about her wolf form?? like she only wants him around when they’re shifted?? what bullshit, this is exactly why he and octavia stayed omegas all these years, ugh.

And okay, Clarke had a pack once, yeah. But then her dad died (murdered, he was murdered) and she left (she was also kind of a little banished) and she could never stand to live there anymore but being a lone wolf is hard, so so hard.

So it’s lucky for her that she stumbles on Jasper and Monty pretty quickly, all things considered (they maybe kind of pissed off a literal mama bear and Clarke maybe kind of saved their asses), and they’re on their own two so they kind of adopt each other and they’re total goofs but they don’t expect her to be anything other than their friend and they make her smile, so. (As far as they’re concerned, Clarke is just a badass, full stop. She’s not particularly large, either as a human or a wolf, but she’s fast and fierce and she looks out for them, and who needs a ‘proper’ pack anyway?)

Next come Finn, and then Raven, and they run into them separately and Clarke kind of has a thing with both of them and then finds out that Finn and Raven are a thing and welp, that’s kind of awkward, but it’s kind of too late, oops she cares, and they never had anyone either so yeah the pack grows.

Then Clarke goes out for a moonlit stroll on her own, cuz she loves her pack, she does, but sometimes she just needs time to herself, so she’s just taking a walk in the woods all wolfy and such, and maybe catching herself a nice rabbit or two, then suddenly!! a wolf! a strange wolf! And yeah they totally startle each other, but then Clarke tilts her head and the strange wolf comes over, sniffing and stuff. And then he totally steals her rabbit!! But he doesn’t run, he just kind of crouches, watching her expectantly, and then she moves towards him and he’s off and she follows, and he’s fast but she’s faster and also sneakier so she runs up a little hill and literally jumps on top of him so they end up rolling, kicking and chewing on each other’s ears, and Clarke comes out on top, blithely steps all over him, and proceeds to smugly trot back to her rabbit.

And then Bellamy headbutts her from behind and welp they spend the rest of the night basically playing tag (wolf tag!!) in the woods

And when she finally gets back the next day, they’ve got dear legs roasting on a fire and Jasper’s hovering all ‘where were you all night?’, ‘we thought something happened to you!’ and he won’t quit sniffing her so eventually she just grabs him and starts noogying him because really what else is he expecting her to do. And right in mid-noogy a twig snaps and they all whip their heads up and oh there’s Bellamy and Octavia

And Octavia’s looking at all of them, eyes darting back and forth, looking like she’s just barely holding herself from jumping up and down, and then her eye zero in on the meat above the fire and well Clarke’s not one to turn someone away, especially not with that (familiar) hungry look in their eyes.

(Bellamy doesn’t look anywhere but at her. She doesn’t notice. Yet.)

ahhhh clarke will feel so dumb when she thinks about this later on, because why else would bellamy have been touching her so often and insisting on her wearing his coat whenever she left camp and also that thing he does where he sorta tugs on her ear the same way the wolf chewed on it in the woods…heh. a little obvious in retrospect

but she really doesn’t put it together!! her sense of smell is not that great, and she never really paid attention to the more subtle social interactions of the pack she was raised in, too preoccupied with her father and her studies so like, whatever, she’s a little slow on the uptake

and what if one day bellamy finally catches onto what’s happening when she comes across him in wolf form at the river nearby their camp and she’s talking to him like he’s an actual wolf, like “oh, nice wolf, you remember me right? i look different haha please don’t try and eat me, i hate shifting during the day trust me it’s a huge pain in the ass” and bellamy’s just sitting there calmly watching her and thinking “…oh for fuck’s sake”

hahahaaa *lies down*

Oh no, now I’m imagining human!Clarke and werewolf!Bellamy, so she meets him in both his forms and obviously doesn’t know that they’re the same and well she kind of made friends with a wild animal but it happens, right?? But now there’s this super annoying dude (who happens to be related to this girl she knows sigh) who keeps showing up everywhere and he’s totally weird but also unexpectedly sweet? She doesn’t really know what to make of him

(Meanwhile Bellamy’s just like O YOU’RE HER FRIEND HELP ME OUT HERE WHAT DO I DO and Octavia is like jfc Bell get your head out of your own ass for a start do I have to do everything for you)

(he brings her coffee and snacks on her next studying/essay binge in the library and then he quietly sits across from her reading a book about the Roman Empire, of all things. she gets to a point where she’s just about ready to tear her hair out if she doesn’t take a break; when she looks up he’s completely engrossed in his book, a little furrow in his brow that’s totally not at all endearing. she asks if he wants to come with her to get more coffee; the grin that breaks out on his face is…distracting)

(the whole btw-I’m-a-werewolf thing comes later lol

We never see the Winter Soldier straight away - he always appears on the scene out of thin air, which makes him seem all that more menacing and scary. Also,

[The Winter Soldier is] never in a hurry—we only see him running once in the entire film. […] Captain America frantically runs […] while the Winter Soldier casually strolls to his destination, stopping only to kick people into jet engines. That contrast is subtle but it makes the Winter Soldier seem more in control—he’s already there while everyone else scrambles to catch up. (x)

Monty Green is the Witty, the Technician, the Pharmacist, the Horticulturist and the Helpful.

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