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Books, Books, Books! | The Dragon of Trelian by Michelle Knudsen

He felt something small and bright and warn flare into existence deep inside him—the same sort of feeling that magic used to inspire in him, before it became clear that Serek had been wrong about him, that he didn’t have whatever natural ability the mage had thought he’d sensed all those years ago that day at the inn. His spark, he thought. Serek had used that word, and Calen had assumed he’d meant it metaphorically. But that’s really what it was. He could feel it. He hadn’t realized how much he’d missed it until he suddenly had it back again.


I absolutely adore this. Something about the maiden who makes friends with the dragon rather than helplessly waiting for some knight to save her - and also the look on her face, and the way the dragon seems like a companion to her…also the style is realistic while also looking faerie tale-ish.

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that hasn’t been completely ruined/overly complicated in some way by canon, to compensate for the total mindfuck-clusterfuck that was AHS. Or I will tomorrow since I’m going to bed now.

Come at me, Snow/Charming Alice/Hatter Arty/Kaldur Annie/Auggie Dragon of Trelian

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